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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:31 pm    Post subject: The Throne Of Fire 720p Torrent

The Throne Of Fire 720p Torrent

Standard muscleman fantasy finds Siegfreid fighting evil personified in the guise of Morak. Morak is the son of the devil's messenger, Belial. Morak is attempting to take the throne of evil "on the day of the night in the day", or rather during an eclipse. To escape instant death by flames, before sitting on the throne, he must also wed Valkari. Siegfried who is invulnerable except to fire and gains temporary powers of invisibility (per "The Rings of Nibelung"), of course, battles Morak to save the beloved princess.
A mighty hero battles the son of Satan and his evil witch ally to save a kingdom from being taken over by the duo.
There is something quite attractive about those Italian rip-offs. Everything seems to be more dramatic but will less talent. Throne of fire sure is one of those. You get everything you paid for, cheesy lines, inept acting, boring sequences after boring sequences and probably the worst villain ever.

If you're into those kind of films, you'll get what you're looking for and much more. The "pit of madness" scene, whatever is it called was hilarious, a classic Z-grade moment. Personally, I got a kick of watching this, just a glimpse of the cover art and I knew I was in for something "memorable".For the rest, quite a crap fest with some weird entertaining scenes but nothing good really.
Peter McCoy (Pietro Torrisi) who also starred in the similarly themed Sword Of The Barbarians and The Invincible Barbarian appears here in this tale of swords, sorcery and ominous prognostication.

In it he plays Siegfried, a mightily muscled hero who is predestined to challenge Satan from attaining mastery over the earth, a feat that the dark one can (luckily for us) only achieve during a solar eclipse and whilst sitting on the magical 'Throne Of Fire' of the films title.

OK so the film isn't going to win any awards for ingenious plot intricacies but in this genre what can one expect?

As it is, the film is actually mildly enjoyable and even has a few decent scenes on offer (the 'Well Of Madness' being a particular stand out), plus there's some rather energetic sword fights on display from our oiled down hero (who looks a fair bit like fellow B movie action star Jeff Wincott!)

Always a plus in my book, this also stars regular Italian sword and sorcery sex symbol, Sabrina Siani who as usual looks absolutely gorgeous!!!

On the downside however, the movie does tend to drag a fair bit throughout, especially during the scenes when our hero is fact our hero seems to spend the entire film alternating between getting captured and then staging daring escapes! Oh well.....

Overall, if like me, you enjoy these types of films then I'd certainly suggest you give this a try. It's actually not half bad and is certainly infinitely better than most modern takes on the genre.


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